Child of Promise

                The mission of Child of Promise Ministries is to promote adoption
    within the Christian community and to present adoption as a 
         life-affirming alternative to abortion.

    ​Each one is a Child of Promise...

     Debbi Migit is an author, speaker, and encourager. She loves to share her true story of faith and family, offering hope to anyone who knows what it is like to wait on the Lord.  

    And wait.

    And wait. 

    Debbi is available to speak to any group who loves to hear miraculous, goose-bump inducing stories of God's faithfulness.

    Debbi and her husband, Phil, have been married for thirty-nine years. (Debbi was a child-bride :) They are the parents of Alex, Ethan, and Kate. They live in Central Illinois, surrounded by cornfields and pumpkin patches.