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Remembering Our Future Generations

Dedicated to initiating and funding projects that ensure the growth and cultivation of our youth in low income, impoverished, and special needs communities.

Lend A Hand To Protect Our Youth

The underpriveleged youth a lot of times can not speak for themselves. Be the answer to the prayers that are not being heard.


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Save the School Project

La Gonäve, Nan Canne, Haiti

In this small village there is little left but hope. There is only one school that educate these kids and the surrounding villages. The school has survived the threat of shutting down complete. If this school is closes, the children will lose the opportunity to become the bright guiding lights in the world; what they are created to be.


You Can Change Their Future

Teachers struggle to provide supplies for young students who walk miles to get their education.

A Little Help Can Make A Big Impact

We are seeking contributions and partners who will help keep the school open. Funds raised go to creating an infrastructure that will compensate the teachers, hire more staff, and provide resources that service the local kids and the many children who travel to attend the school.

Hire Teachers

Educators deserve to have a living wage

Feed Their Needs

Daily meals for their stomachs and their developing brains

Share The Love

Transportation ensures that all kids have a chance to learn

Buy Equipment

School supplies will give the children the tools to succeed

Future Projects

Children grow up and become adults some day.

Recreational Facility

Play is an integral part of childhood. Extracurricular activities give children a balanced human experience.


Local Market

Sleeping on an empty stomach is no way for any child to live. Parents must be given the resources to feed their little ones.

Shopping Center

Kids grow out of shoes and clothes quickly. Their wardrobe should evolve with them. Confident kids make great leaders.

How Else Can You Help?

Child of Promise Organization is a small team with big visions for our children's future.

If you would like to become involved in our projects, we welcome you to reach out!

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